Bill D. Cat Accused of Murder

"Bill D. Cat" you are accused of Murder!

Mrs. Foster for the defiance, Mr. Grate for the persecution. The Case revolves around Mr. Grates prize gold fish found murdered on the side walk along side his pond. The Victim, Goldie, had been forcibly removed from her pond and savagely ripped apart(Judge EAT-TOE has barred the viewing of much of the evidence from the general public)

Mr. Grate begins his opening arguments: "Goldie a 9 inch fantail comet was purchased 2 years ago from Bubbly ponds. My children had adopted Goldie as one of the family. Hours were spend as a family together with Goldie, feeding her, watching her (small fri) children grow. Bill D. Cat has been observed on several occasions frequenting our pond. He often gets a drink of water and longfully watches all the fish with baited eyes. Two nights ago ladies and gentlemen of the jury I contend Bill D. Cat snatched Goldie out of the pond, dragged her to the sidewalk and consumed part of her for his midnight dinner. We the Persecution feel that Bill D. Cat will be found guilty and should serve the rest of his life under house arrest, with out parol."

Mrs. Foster took her place at the podium and began her opening statement: "Bill D. Cat is an honorable loving cat. He only catches mice and rats. He would never catch a bird or a fish. It is true Bill was out most of the night and was rather wet when he returned at 6am, But it had rained that night and one would expect an animal that had been out all night to have wet fur. But I assure you Bill hates to get wet and would never willing get in the water, no matter how tempting something in the water might be."

Mr. Grate begins to present his evidence: "your honer I submit these pictures of the crime scene. Note the grizzly remains of the victim on the side walk. Look how the plants in the pond are tore up. Goldie must have put up a heck of a fight. Tried to hide under the hyacinths. I contend your honer that Bill D. Cat did not just snatch Goldie from the pond, but rather leaped into the pond stalked Goldie to the edge of the shallows and then forcibly attacked her knocking over many of the plants potted there. And then in a fit of rage tore the plants apart trying to get at the hiding Goldie. The evidence is clear Bill D. Cat is the murderer.. Who else would do such a dastardly crime?

Mrs. Foster shook her head in disbelief. ."I call my only expert witness, Detective K-9. Mr. K-9 in all your years has a homicide investigator have you ever seen such a thing?"

Mr. K-9 replied: "Yes several times!"

Mrs. Foster: "Could this crime be done by dog? Or a bird?"

Mr. K-9 looked at her in disgust: "Harrmmph A dog would never claw and chew the victim in the manor seen on these photographs and a bird would never leave part of a dinner laying around."

Mrs. Foster's heart sank Mr. K-9 had told her prior to court not to worry and now thing looked worse that before he had taken the stand." Are you telling the jury that only Bill D. Cat could or would leave marks like this?"

Mr. K-9:"No ma'am, a cat would never leave this kind of mark, nor a dog nor a bird. Though we know that Bill D. Cat loved to watch Goldie and was out all night and his fur was wet, I doubt that Bill is the killer. The killer is an animal that works well at night. That is actually stronger than Bill could ever be by the way the pots are all moved around. If you look at the water hyacinths closely you will see bite marks. Our killer is an omnivore, likes to get in the water, and is so sneaky nobody ever sees him at night. Mr. Grate contends that Bill entered the water and knocked over plants. I contend that when you let Bill D. Cat into your house the next morning his legs were dry only his back was wet from the rain. I have put together a profile of what I think the killer had to look like to do this crime. The killer had to be strong but not real big, larger than a cat by at least 5 lbs, about the size of a medium dog. I have check the neighborhood hood for stray dogs and the where-for-all of all house dogs. My investigation shows all the dogs in the neighborhood are all in and accounted for, no strays. Leaving the pond unguarded so the possibilities are open for some one else to commit this crime."

Mrs. Foster asked: "Is it possible that Bill was the killer?

Mr. K-9: "Not likely. Bill D. Cat would still have had to have really wet feet when he returned that morning. No, the only parts of Bills coat that was wet was his back and the pads of his feet. The Killer would have been more of a bandit, Sneaking into Mr. Grate's back yard and dove into the pond eating plants and other fine foods. The Killer is messy, leaving a trial of destruction to him. This is a Back yard Bandit. A killer with an appetite for small fish. A killer that slips through the night with ease.

Mr. Grate on cross examination of Mr. K-9: "Is it true that Bill D. Cat is a Stray that came to live with Mrs. Foster? And that he is scrawny and lean and nasty looking? Know to all to be a ruffian, fighter and carouser of the night? And is a known drug abuser spending hours high on Catnip? Has long claws and sharp teeth? And every one knows cats love to eat fish!???"

Mr. K-9 : " Yes that is true of all your questions I do not deny that, But there are parts of the water plants consumed and there is no cat on this earth willing to eat water hyacinths."

Mr. Grate on cross: "Now what about these incriminating foot prints in the mud by Goldies' body? Nice paw prints showing claws toes spread apart.. Looks like cat prints to me! Look a those claws!"

Mr. K-9: "I know this will sound far fetched being we live in a city those are not cat prints or dog prints or chipmunk or even squirrel prints. Cats walk with their claws pulled in. All the dogs were locked up and these do not look like dog prints at all. And they are much to large for chipmunks or squirrels. My analysis of the circumstantial evidence shows you have accused the wrong person(animal)". Mr. K-9 stood up in the witness box looked to the back of the court room, in the back row sound asleep, Mr. K-9 pointed his finger and exclaimed "Ladies and Gentelmen there is your killer!" Upon that moment as the audience turned to view the newly accused...

Rocky Raccoon awoke, leaped to his feet adjusted his black mask over his eyes and clawed his way to the door. It took 2 of Our fair Cities finest Doberman police officers to pin Rocky to the floor ,fur flew , Rocky's teeth flashed with menacing snaps! "I came to the city cus all you city slickers are so easy to fool, you leave all your food outside in dishes, you provided nice shallow ponds for me to was my food. If it weren't for that smart aleck Mr. K-9 I'd still be ripping you all off!" Rocky was found guilty and banished to a remote island in the middle of the river and was never a problem again.