I hate lawns!

Since I was a child I have been enslaved to lawn care. I would hall piles of clippings in my wagon for my dad, just to have to do it again in 3 to 4 days. When the weather would get nice, hoses and sprinklers would have to be attended. Twice a year dad would spread fertilizer and the work would quadruple! Weeds??? Let me tell you about the Dandelions.... When the wind blew the air was filled with fluffy down of little invading weed seed people. I have used the weed weasel, the weed popper, mom's butcher knife and an assortment of toxic chemicals, all to no avail. I HATE LAWNS

I currently live in the country. Most of us have Lawns. My front lawn is brown, I have been tempted to spray paint it green. I don't water it nor do I fertilize it.. Weeds don't seem to be a big problem if you stand back a few feet. It gets mowed once every 10 days just because I need the grass clippings as compost for the raised flower beds. The back yard on the North side is a gem of a lawn.. not much grass but it is real green and I don't have to mow it. It seems the Irish moss has taken over the back yard. I am ecstatic! It has choked out the dandy lions. It is dark green in color. Irish moss also has little white flowers and ..."I DON'T HAVE TO MOW IT!!!"

Paving stones line the area that seemed to be every ones favorite path the moss snuggles up close to the stones like a warm blanket of green felt. You can follow the paving stones to the pond. Around the pond is ringed with pea gravel. Between the rocks around the pond are clusters of plants, succulents and ground cover. Bunches of ornamental grasses left to flower needing only to be cut back once a year. (My kind of grass!)

Raised beds of flowers shield the raised vegetable garden from view and fruit trees in the back giving the birds a place to roost... I wander out back from time to time to see how the fish are doing and smile... NO LAWN!