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(Part 3 of Pond building)

Controlling GREEN WATER is the BOG’s Job:

Consider a location next to your pond for a Bog area. This will proved filtration for your pond. The area should be about 1/3 the size of your pond and located uphill from your pond.

The bog filtration area can be part of a water fall or stream. Construction of the bog area can be done at a later time. Do not throw away any pieces of pond liner. Bog filtration areas provide growing areas for some of the prettiest flowers found around a pond.

It is not necessary to have a hill or berm for a waterfall to get the benefit of a bog filtration area. You will need an space just higher than the surface of your pond.

A filtration bog is just a shallow pond 6 to 9 inches deep filled with pea gravel and some larger rocks. Water is pumped in to the bog at one side and trickles out of the other side. Bog plants(ones that like soggy soil) are planted in the pea gravel of the bog. Water flow through the bog is a gentle flow. The current hardly bends a leaf or moves a pebble. The slow moving water gives the plants ample time to pick up the nutrients(converted fish poop) and covert it into plant material.

CONSTRUCTION OF THE BOG: Dish out a spot in the berm or raised area , beside your pond. Lay some of that left over liner into this depression. The overflow of your bog should be the lowest side of your bog leading back to your pond. The other 3 sides should be at LEAST 4 inches higher than this overflow lip.

We will be seaming liner where the bog liner laps OVER the pond liner. This is done with 50 year silicone caulk or polystyrene spay foam "Greatstuff (tm)" between the two liners just over the edge of the pond( on the side of the "keeper ledge") Add rock back onto the liner this will help with the bonding. Fill the bog with pea gravel up to the point it is just below or level with the overflow. Stack in rocks around the edge of the bog to cover the liner. The pipe can be hidden in the rocks.

A small water fall is built on the overflow by spraying a small line of "Greatstuff (tm)" foam and placing a flat rock onto the foam. The foam can be sprayed on the liner and on the rocks to form a seal. Your entire water fall can be built using the foam instead of using concrete cement. (1 foot of water fall elevation per day) NOTE: once again the finished liner edge should point UP! The overflow spot going back into the pond, the liner points DOWN!

Turn on the pump. Plant you bog plants.. enjoy your water garden!!!

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